Beyond Academics

International Dimension in the School Curriculum

“Cultural Exchange Programme with schools abroad gives a global dimension to the school ethos.”

Aims to foster intercultural sharing, understanding and communication among the students with young people across continents which undoubtedly will have lasting bonds of friendship and develop global future citizen in our beautiful yet dangerous world.

These collaborative learning with their counterparts in other countries not only widens the horizons of the school communities involved but enable them to celebrate wonderful diversity of the human race and bridge the cultural divide for a harmonious co-existence.

Students realize that the political boundaries have only geographical relevance and they live in a global village.

The activities promoting partnership exchange visits of teachers and children to different countries and exchange of projects covering a range of subject areas develop in them skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and taking and sharing responsibility specifically focusing on important issue of global warming and recycling, fostering sustainable development in modern times.