Pre-primary School (Balvatika)

Balvatika occupies the most attractive part of the campus. The ambience of the area is enriched by the surrounding green trees and lush lawns. The classrooms are housed in hut like structures. The colorful play equipment and a pet corner adds to the delight of every child.

Children are given every opportunity to develop their full potential appropriate to his/her age. This happens by encouraging each child's natural urge to explore and absorb impressions from a rich and stimulating environment which is provided through natural surroundings and the contrived situations and activities in an innovative approach.

We believe that learning is his/her adventure in spirit. Life is to be directly experienced, enjoyed and loved, concepts to be dicovered, assimilated and internalised. Thus leading to a positive attitude towards life.

Early Childhood Years is a period of rapid physical and mental growth. It is widely recognised that the experiences of this period will color his/her whole approach to learning throughout life. Thus, we follow a development oriented and child centred approach with emphasis on child's active interaction with the environment and development of concepts and attitudes. Reading, writing, figures and facts follow in the natural rhythm of things.

The span of Balvatika is 2 years.

First Level or Introductory.
Second Level or Preparatory.