Middle School - (Class VI - VIII)

The middle school programme promotes an integrated approach through cross curricular links with wide range of subjects, nurture communication and high order thinking skills, promote responsible and caring citizenship through study of the environment and community service.

Promote understanding of the importance of conservation through making right lifestyle choices.

Instill aesthetic sense and appreciation of art and creativity.

The programme accentuates the way subjects inter-relate and promotes a holistic view of knowledge. Students are encouraged to explore cross curricular links through creative learning and development of effective study skills - Learning to Learn.

Learning to Learn
Information Technology
International Dimension
English, Hindi,
Creative Art, Work Education: Commercial Art, Fine Art, Electronics, Paper Mache, Music, Dance, Conservation, Block Painting, Carpentry, Clay Modeling Instrumental Music and Photography
Social Sciences, History, Geography, Economics & Civics
Physical, Social, Personal Education Games, Sports, Yoga
Integrated Sciences Environmental Education
Life Skills Personal, Social Education