About Us

Principal's Words

We firmly believe that each individual is unique and has strengths that are admirable. We strive towards excellence in education which in the case of the child is realization of his / her potential and to channelize it into a purposive direction.

Our educational endeavour aims at the development of the child in a manner of a free flowing river which moves and mingles with all that comes in the way (innumerous experiences) yet leaves impurities behind to emerge in the purest form (unique personality).

As companions of the students through their journey of education preparing them for the known and unknown experiences of life, it is our earnest endevour to: Rekindle their enthusiasm to discover themselves and the world around.

Equip them with tools to build a new tomorrow Awaken their creativity to realize their dreams. Help them grow into complete human beings with enlightened minds and compassion determined to preserve the legacy of this beautiful world.

Ours is a continuously developing community of children and adults working together in an atmosphere where everyone is respected as an entity. Within this unified structure appropriate arrangements are made for all age groups for their growth and development.

We welcome those who wish to be the unfailing companions on this odyssey of the intellect and emotion of the MSMSV family, each member exhibiting a sense of pride and an awareness of the obligation that comes from being a part of it.

With best wishes,